Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump Twitter Fail of the Day


The Post doesn't have a number for the supporters, but they seem to have consisted mainly of the knot of eight or nine you see briefly on the video (which I originally posted here, but I find it's an autoplay, so I killed it; you should be able to see it here) on the north side of Southern Boulevard in front of a Cuban restaurant, led by a man in a yellow shirt waving an old-regime Cuban flag; the camera operator pans back and forth and zooms, working really hard to do it justice. The protest crowd, on both sides of the street, wasn't exactly huge either, but it did have well over a hundred people. Maybe as the emperor rode by he thought the "NO DAPL" signs were attacking Obama's immigration policy (Deferred Action for Parents of Legals?).

Some corroboratory material just came on at Addicting Info.

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